Poor and Blind and Naked

Christendom and the Church think YHWH’s Old Testament Laws have been ‘done away with’, ‘nailed to the cross’. Through the systematic cover-up by scribes translating the Bible, like the shocking change to Solomon/Shelomoh’s name (see post My Beloved is Mine), key words and phrases have been written wrong and misinterpreted. I touched on this in the post Which Accused Them Before YHWH Day and Night. The New Testament is, in fact, at one with the Old. It is not actually new at all. The word means not new as in different, but renewed; the same one, rewritten and signed by Yahshua’s blood. That’s because most of the Old Testament Israelites broke it. When a contract is broken by one of the signatory parties, it is rendered void. To make another contract it must be drawn up again–rewritten, not reworded–and re-signed.

Yahshua’s sacrifice did away with the sacrificial system. We don’t have to kill animals anymore. The Levitical priesthood is also gone. Every man is once again priest of his own household, as it was in the days before the exodus (I PETER 2:5).

If we are to be signatories to this agreement, that Yahshua really did die for US, His beloved Church, FOR ME, FOR YOU, we should take His agonizing death on the cross seriously, without putting Him to open shame by flagrantly breaking His Laws. He spent three days in the depths of Hell for us. That was in the worst pit of Hell, where the torments must have made those three days seem like three thousand years!

Recently I received an email from a long-time friend of mine. The story of this email probably starts about six months ago when she rang to tell me she was going into hospital for an operation as she had a very rare form of cancer. I could hardly believe it. This friend, after what she had been through in her life, is one of my heroines, like Mother Theresa. She’s been a public figure. I’d named one of my children after her. I cast my mind around trying to figure out what sin she may have been involved in to deserve the curse of cancer. Suddenly it occurred to me. I asked her: Has she forgiven certain people who have hurt her? “No,” her answer came, “I can’t forgive them.”

Despite desperate emails and pleadings on my part, she categorically refuses to forgive these people. “I’m not Jesus,” she said. I know if she dies in this bitterness she will not go to Heaven. It is a fundamental tenet of Christianity. Don’t forgive and you won’t be forgiven.

Down the track she sent me another email, a warning about computer chips in credit cards that can be read with an easily bought machine if someone with this machine walks past the person carrying their card. Innocently I emailed back: I don’t have a credit card, never have in my life…the easy way to avoid the problem, because debt is a sin. I was saying: Thanks, but this is the situation with me, I don’t have a problem.

Back came the most scathing and hurtful email: …I’m a Christian too, you know (no, I hadn’t known that)…and not everyone is a perfect as you, Debra…I’m sick of your…! Well, I hope my readers have realized by now that I am about as far from perfect as one could get, in ignorance I helped to kill the unborn when I was a nurse, all the other stuff I’ve revealed here in my blog. One may like to go back at this point and read my very first post: YHWH’s Mysterious Plan. Then let’s read REVELATION  3:14-19 about today’s Laodicean Church: wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked, it makes YHWH so sick He wants to spew us out of His mouth! Or is it some other Church He is talking about, NOT OURS?

Don’t want to hear it? Nor do I! It’s frightening. When I say to people, the reason why Yahshua has tarried and not returned for His bride these 2000 years is because HE HASN’T YET FOUND HIS CHURCH–He’s been searching for Her that 2000 years–and they look at me in disbelief, disapproval, disgust, and anger, I point out: WE ARE THE LAODICEAN CHURCH. WE MAKE HIM SICK.

We don’t BELIEVE in Him. Not really. We run to doctors when we get sick. (Some say YHWH has provided doctors and medicine for us. But I cannot see one instance in the Bible Yahshua sent anyone to a doctor or gave them medicine. And Dr Luke was called to be an apostle, not a doctor. If you look up the word sorcery in a concordance it is the Greek word pharmakeia: medication, magic, witchcraft. Sorcerers go to the lake of fire, just as do those who draw back it says in HEBREWS 10:39 ) We cover ourselves with every available insurance the world can offer to ‘protect’ ourselves from accidents. We deadbolt and lock our doors so tightly even the angels can’t get in. I’ve got news for US, demons don’t use doors. They just go through the wall! We scream at our husbands and children when they make us mad, then blame them when our voice goes hoarse. (Or am I the only one who has done that?)

For the first time in ages, I feel like swearing. At myself. I’m still laying in bed as I write this (the draft, that is. It’s Tuesday 11:59 pm as I type it): it’s 10:51 am. A Sunday morning, I reason. My day off. I think that says it all. I think I’ve written enough in this post. I’m making MYSELF sick.

PS. Let’s not all try to be perfect overnight (without spot and wrinkle). We’ll fall over our feet and get our legs tangled trying. Just ask Father to show us the direction of our first step. And for His grace to take it. Then the same with the next and the one after that. When I was learning to rock climb, I discovered even the tiniest step up on a climb put me into a totally new position to reach the next hand hold.

Want to be spiritual? Obey the Law (ROM. 7:14), and may Father’s infinite and abundant blessings be upon you.

What I’m writing and going to be writing is not for the fainthearted. If one is satisfied with milk, let them drink it. If you don’t like it you don’t have to read this. I’m not holding a knife to your throat. But I pray you will read it.


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3 Responses to Poor and Blind and Naked

  1. Mitchell says:

    Interesting read…. but when are you going to ‘mediate’ my previous post??? If you put yourself here for EVERYONE to see, then you must accept ALL the comments, thoughts or criticisms that are posted. Should it not be that if you can have your say – then so can we.

  2. Mitchell says:

    Hmmm…interesting – perhaps I have ‘hit a nerve’. I see you have ‘changed the names’ of two of these people you write about – what about the others? Do they not deserve the same privacy? Perhaps you are now re-thinking what ramifications or consequences there may be for writing such private things about the people of your past? Also interesting is that others who have posted comments have been allowed to have their words approved! Do I not deserve the same merit? Christian you keep saying…I can only think selfish, for I should be shown the same freedom as the others. Perhaps you are scared of me? Or is it that you don’t like my words? I too spent a number of years in my childhood in New Guinea…lucky enough to spend time at various Mission posts. Also fortunate enough to be heavily involved in the Church. And still today, I am also associated with many true Christians. I truly question you faith. Perhaps you can prove me wrong.

    • debramieth says:

      Dear Mitchell

      Thank you for reading my blog and may you be blessed by it. Yes, your original comment did get me thinking. I MAY have changed certain names, or I MAY NOT have, but it is more for people like you who were obviously offended. And I apologise for that. About your first comment, I see you are a giant of faith. What I also see over and over again is that YHWH REWARDS faith. Now I am not presuming, but I am waiting on Him alone and refusing to put myself into man’s hands. If I have to wait til Yahshua comes or if I die, so be it. Why should I worry? As for being afraid of you, well, think about that. You could be just up the road from me or on the other side of the world. I know not. You don’t know what I look like or where I live unless you are someone I know but are not saying. Either way, again, why should I worry or be afraid? I am in His hands and they are big enough to hold all the oceans of the world says ISAYAH 40:12. I have been attacked with knives, punched in the face, kicked, thrown down stairs. I’m still here, all in one piece, with no scars. With an unlocked door. Nobody except maybe me can be identified from this blog. About posting your comment, just now but sometimes it doesn’t weem to work and I haven’t got time to do a course on it.

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