Ye Know Neither the Day Nor the Hour

In the two months since I started this blog the response has humbled and encouraged me, and I thank you for it. My computer illiteracy was such that when I typed in that first post it somehow disappeared FIVE times. Five times. I couldn’t believe it! When the first one vanished I thought, just my own silly fault. After the second mysterious disappearance, well, it’s got to be a test. To see if I’ll stick with it. I didn’t have it pre-written anywhere, was just doing it from memory and my book from which it differed markedly. Last night that happened again to Love Never Fails. I hit the wrong button and zip, gone. But with a bit of detective work I finally found how to restore it.

My generation was born way before computers. They were in use, but one computer took up a whole room. Sometimes it’s hard for us compared to people like my son who was hardwired to one from birth, though there were no visible wires. Yes, I know, he told me – they are wireless now. But one thing we do share in common is that all of us together are the generation that will see the return of our King, Saviour, and Messiah Yahshua.

On His first visit, as He was being led away to be crucified, Yahshua said to the women crying for Him: “Daughters of Yerushalem, weep not for Me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children. For, behold, the days are coming, in the which they shall say, Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck. Then shall they begin to say to the mountains, Fall on us; and to the hills, Cover us. For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?” (LUKE 23:28-31).

There is coming a time on Earth like this. In fact, Yahshua is referring to it here. Say to the mountains, Fall on us is written about in REVELATION 6:16 and is a time in our history yet to happen. Our history may already have been written, but there are yet choices to be made by all of us. While that may be so, there will be many stuck on Earth. Mothers will pray their unborn babies will not come to birth or be stillborn, rather than give birth only to watch them die of starvation.

Much of Christendom believes they will be raptured away alive to Heaven when Yahshua returns. Or if they are stuck down here on Earth, they will be able to hide out until His final return after seven years. I’ve got news for them. We cannot eat nothing for seven years and remain alive. We cannot drink water filled with blood. As for the rapture, it will come as a shock to many, but it isn’t going to happen like that. Satan has closed the eyes of the Church to important truths in the Bible about it. If His people think they are going to be whisked off to Heaven before the trouble starts, they will do little to prepare themselves.

Like the five wise virgins who kept their lamps filled with oil and burning, I am discovering ways to prepare for my King’s return. Though closed during the day to keep in my nine chickens, our gate is always left open at night. This despite the fact we have chicken-devouring dingoes roaming around the darkness. So far they have been safe. I guess chickens have angels too. The front porch–I call it the come in–light is turned on at night. This also is for my three prodigals: Anthony, Ranyhyn, and Natasha. The door is left unlocked. One may ask: Aren’t I afraid of burglars? Not with many thousands of angels watching over us (PSA. 91:11). Why should I fear? Hasn’t YHWH delivered me from all of them (PSA. 34:4)? If Yahshua had twelve legions (that’s 72,000 angels, a Roman legion consisting of 6,000 soldiers) of angels standing by to deliver Him from crucifixion SHOULD HE HAVE CHOSEN TO CALL ON THEM, why would He not send a similar host to guard His beloved bride?

Originally this preparedness on my part was for the support friends coming to the births of my babies. The night of my false ‘labour’ they did come and one got held up un-latching the gate in the dark. I decided about that time that if I was waiting for Anthony to come, I should prepare for him too. Which reminded me of Nancy Campbell’s daughter. Nancy publishes Above Rubies , a free magazine that advocates many of the Biblical principles for men, women, and children to which I subscribe.

This particular daughter, I think it was Pearl, would doll herself up for church every Sunday. Her husband became jealous of this, and said, “I wish you’d make yourself beautiful like that for me too.” So she did. While we were still together, after I read Pearl’s and other testimonies like this, I also would prepare for Anthony’s homecoming to me, his bride.

About an hour before the time I would freshen up, sometimes having an early shower, put on perfume, lipstick, comb my long hair out just as he likes it, change my clothes if I looked dowdy that day. When his truck I called Growler entered our street, I’d recognize its masculine purr and go out to greet him with one of those cat rubbing body kisses we women keep exclusively for our husbands. I kept doing this even when Anthony’s personality changed, though not, I must admit, as often. I’d remember when he was My Anthony with a soft loving look in his eyes, and he’d say stuff to me like: “I’m just imagining what I’m going to do to you later.” Like Pearl and hubby, we called our bed the Land of Excitement.

Anyway, one day I sensed Yahshua saying to me what Pearl’s husband said to her. So now I do it for Him and Anthony. Not just in the afternoons. I try to look nice all day, every day, for we never know when that day or hour will come. I keep the front swept and the house clean. Blessedly that’s easy for me as I’m a neat freak, but Anthony likes a clean house. YHWH does too: Let everything be done decently and in order, He writes through Paul in I CORINTHIANS 14:40.

I do believe there are yet certain signs, which I will write about later, to be fulfilled before Yahshua comes in the clouds to gather His Elect from the four winds (MATT. 24:30-31). Nevertheless, we are instructed, like the ten virgins, to be ready at all times. My preparedness is a symbol of spiritual readiness, more important than the physical. Yahshua’s bride must be WITHOUT SPOT AND WRINKLE. This means HOLINESS in thought, word, and deed. Whatsoever things are true…honest…just…pure…lovely…of good report: if there be any virtue, and…any praise, think on these things (PHILI. 4:8); …every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment (MATT. 12:36); and Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven (MATT.5:16).

How are we to be holy? Don’t just talk the talk, WALK THE WALK. Read your Bibles and don’t make a light thing of the commandments therein. Read in PSALM 119 how seriously and devotedly King David treated YHWH’s laws. For the most part that law is still in force today. When we break even one, Satan is straight into the heavenly High Court before the righteous Judge bringing a railing accusation against us. Don’t be deceived, he hates you and me. When you find even a little thing you are doing but shouldn’t be, STOP DOING IT. NOW, by YHWH’s grace. Fall out of agreement with it and the enemy. If it is something you should be doing but are not, START DOING IT.

One of my current besetting sins is that I spend too long in bed most mornings. I’ve always been a night person and I love to sleep in of a morning. There are a couple of Scriptures I have found about this: Rise up early before the sun is up to cry out for help and put my hope in Your words (PSA. 119:147); and A virtuous and capable woman gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plan the day’s work (PRO. 30:15). But my gravest fear is that Yahshua (or Anthony) will come and I’ll be still in bed, not dressed, bed hair, sleep in my eyes–well, if it was Anthony and he crawled in beside me I wouldn’t mind–but otherwise that would embarrass me, especially with my morning breath!

For those who are not ready, like the women with the babies in the third and fourth paragraphs, they will be just a few to suffer the consequences. That last seven years will be like a nightmare, as described in Technicolor in the book of REVELATION. That’s a small part of the mysteries I’m going to unlock in posts to come. It’s what I’m called to do.

To the married and parents with children: if you have trouble in these areas, understand that as you get yourself more right and holy before YHWH, your spouse and children will automatically fall into line without you having to do anything about them. The same goes for wider family, church, and even work situations. In any environment. Work on yourself and YHWH will do a work in the others around you.


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One Response to Ye Know Neither the Day Nor the Hour

  1. Mitchell says:

    I came across your blog posts the other day and have taken the time to read each in their entirety. I find it disturbing that a Christian such as you keep professing to be, seems to be using this blog to do nothing more than make your feel better about yourself and put other people’s privacy ‘out there’ for all & sundry to read – shame on you…not really very Christian. So, you’ve made some terrible mistakes in your life. Who hasn’t. Just grow up and get over it. If your ‘beloved’ Anthony has not returned to you by now – for goodness sake just accept that he has probably moved on. A true Christian would just be happy for him. Perhaps you too should move on and not dwell on the past. Just a thought. But please, keep writing and I’ll keep reading – there are days that I just need to read things like this.

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