Wherever the Soul of Your Foot Shall Tread

Between our year on the street and my next trial, we were sent by YHWH around Australia. It started like this: my daughter, Ranyhyn, was learning dance and tambourine at a local church. One evening we attended a youth presentation there. As we walked into the entryway I saw a map of Australia on the wall.

Father whispered to my spirit, “As you did to Redcliffe, praying and claiming it for Me, so you must do for Australia.” I had claimed our Federal Parliament in Canberra in a similar manner on one of our trips back from Melbourne.

It took about a year to prepare for this trip. In actual fact I did not prepare so much as Father did. The dream about Philip on his deathbed was given to me about this time. It made me frantic for his soul, but Father said leave him be and go my way. Also in that dream I was driving along a wide new highway. Originally I had planned on going north to Cairns and following the coastline to the left westward. But in the dream I came to a bridge with a right turn at the middle. I didn’t understand the significance of this until later. When it came time to leave we ended up going to Sydney to live for a while, to help a Philippine friend with her Family Court battles, and to see Ranyhyn’s father with whom she had not had contact for ten years. So leaving Sydney a year and a half later we went south then right westward as depicted in the dream.

In Sydney, I had a head-on collision with a car–the other driver’s fault and no one hurt!–and received enough insurance to buy an inordinately cheap Toyota Commuter bus, the very type of vehicle I had desired but never expected to have. I only looked at that one vehicle too, though it does not always turn out like that. My old van was not roadworthy, being full of rust, but the insurance assessor made a mistake and gave me more than I would normally have received.

Nine-eleven happened while we were in Sydney, so we avoided tall buildings and the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a while! But two days after we left for Melbourne at the start of our trip, the Bali bombing occurred. The steps of Victoria’s Parliament House was strewn with flowers when we arrived there. Thereafter, I was burdened to pray a wall of fire (angels) around our country against all acts of terror and war. While praying around Sydney, the city was fogged with smoke from severe bush fires that summer.

In Melbourne we stayed at a caravan park in the suburbs. I wanted to go to Tasmania, but a strange thing happened to those plans too. We were having breakfast at McDonalds in the city while I tried by mobile phone to make a booking on the ferry across Bass Strait to Launceston. Nothing was going right with it, the booking clerk being difficult. In addition Jed started having such severe stomach cramps as he lay on a bench seat moaning like a dying man. Suddenly the phone call was terminated. I had run out of credit.

I said to Ranyhyn, “Maybe Father does not want us to go to Tasmania.” With that I decided to keep going right westward around mainland Australia. We could always go to Tasmania at a later date. At the instant I made that decision, Jed’s stomach ache ceased and he sat up to have breakfast! Okay, Father, I get the message!

The trip around Australia was exciting but reasonably uneventful. Though I was on welfare, we never ran out of money, but did all the usual tourist stuff. I still had the RACQ card but used it only once in Cairns. We had one flat tyre–while the bus was parked in the middle of Alice Springs! A man helped me change it, which was a good thing as I discovered my jack was too small. We used his, and found the tyre to be almost bald. I bought a new bigger jack which is sitting even now under my house never used!

So I claimed Australia for Yahshua, and yes, we did get to Tasmania. After arriving back in Brisbane, I collected an order of books from the home schooling organization before immediately embarking for Melbourne again. We got on the ferry without any trouble, spending New Years Eve crossing Bass Strait. The sea was a bit choppy for me, making the ferry roll, so I bound it up in Yahshua’s name. Thereafter the crossing was smooth and peaceful, as was our return trip. I hate sea voyages. I would have been just a fearful as the disciples crossing the Sea of Galilee during that storm. I could NEVER be a boat person!

In Melbourne we stayed with some beautiful friends, an Iranian family whom we had met when we had visited refugee families in the Western Australian Port Hedland Detention Centre. There were ten families and about one hundred single guys in the centre while we were there. Boat people! The period of their detention had been at that point about four years. I don’t agree with illegal immigrants, but I visited these people as a favour to Ross who had prayed for Jed in hospital. Between the time we visited them and arriving back in Melbourne, I prayed earnestly for them with the joyful result they were all set free and the detention centre closed down. (Is anyone getting the message along about now that PRAYER WORKS?!) The family with whom we stayed insisted we spend the night with them. They all, including their two boys, slept on the hard floor while we used their beds!

Arriving back in Brisbane was the pinnacle of that trip. It took us four years. We found a lovely old Queenslander house on acreage in the southern suburbs. Then we started rock climbing and my next trial. But in between I was probably the most joyful in my life I’ve ever been. Father gives us these little sojourns of peace and plenty to shore up our hearts in preparation for the hard times.


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