Faith Without Works Is Dead

These next trials were a little shorter, a lot easier to get through, and all related to one thing: how to live without doctors and drugs. Saves a lot of money and a lot of stress. It’s also better for your health, believe it or not! As Christians, we have to give EVERYTHING to YHWH, including our lives and those of our children. Don’t think we will get away without being tested on this. Read the book of JOB if you doubt it.

Towards the end of our time on the street, I learned not to pray for an end to our trials, but that Father would give us the strength to get through them. For as James (1:2-12) says: Count it all joy when we encounter trials, for the testing of our faith works patience in us that we may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

Peter and Kay (from Trial One and Two) taught me, among other things, why we get sick and have accidents, how to deal with sicknesses, and how to prevent them. Having learnt this and been in agreement, I relinquished my Medicare Card–that gives us access to free health care in Australia. Despite being a nurse by profession, I was for a long time going off drugs, vaccinations, and various other medical procedures. I hated, for instance, the way a surgeon, when doing an abdominal operation, would put his whole hand and part of his arm into a patient’s abdomen and feel around. I came to loathe any gynecological procedures on myself, especially after being assaulted twice by male doctors and verbally abused by another.

While pregnant with my daughter, I was travelling across Africa on safari for six months. Until I was five months I wasn’t sure I was pregnant, it was such an alien state for me to be in. We were supposed to have various vaccinations and malaria prevention tablets. But I’d jacked (refused) up after two trips around the world, deciding my pincushion days were over after discovering immunizations lost effectiveness over time. As for the malaria tabs, I took the smallest dose I could manage. Everybody else took two tablets each of two different types and were still contracting malaria. (I’d actually had malaria in the past after a trip to Bali. It nearly killed me before the doc found out what I had, came to my house, and ordered me to hospital for treatment. That was one time I needed to be thankful for a caring doctor, but I wasn’t living as a Christian at the time.) Later, after I knew I was pregnant, I found out the dose and kind I was taking was the only safe one for an unborn baby! Lots of others on my trip also came down with schistosomiasis – liver flukes from swimming in the rivers of Africa. I was tested back in Australia. It kills an unborn baby. I was free of it. Father was protecting me despite living in sin with Ranyhyn’s father, but I would not advocate this. In Africa, whenever our truck met with trouble–like getting bogged up to the axles in a sand dune, or nearly tipping over when it hit a soft road edge–I would pray earnestly. Maybe I was blessed because of this.

Down the proverbial track, I was required to have human immunoglobulin to prevent hepatitis. I desperately did not want to have this vaccination. When I went to be tested for antibodies, they were there in my bloodstream. No vaccination needed. Perhaps at some point I’d had mild hepatitis that had rendered me immune. Same went for tuberculosis before I went to PNG. Even Ranyhyn, my daughter of three years, proved to be immune, much to my relief. I had prayed for such a result.

When Jed was born, we prayed about whether I should immunize him. Father’s words were: “It is sufficient to rely on My protection against the many diseases of mankind.” My two boys have never had such needles near them. We were yet to learn about the extreme dangers of vaccinations: cot death, autism, mental retardation, compromised immune system, and learning problems.

I was called by Father to stop nursing because I couldn’t give drugs anymore. In the Bible, the word ‘sorcery’ is the Greek word pharmakeia–medicine. And sorcerers go to the lake of fire (REV 21:8). That will be pretty shocking to most people. I was as ignorant as the rest.

Eventually, as I wrote, the Medicare Card was cut up and disposed of. Then, while living in Sydney between Philip’s last visit and our trip around Australia, which I will briefly explore in the next trial, Jed became so badly behaved that one day I spoke out the rotten, cursed words, “I wish you’d never been born!” A week or two later he fell out of a tree when a branch broke and landed in hospital with a fractured skull, having been rushed there by an ambulance. The ‘problem’ of no Medicare Card was quickly solved: I rang Medicare to obtain the number as the card was not expired. Thereafter until its expiry I kept a record of the numbers. But I only used it once more.

When I arrived at the hospital after following the ambulance and praying a desperate prayer of repentance–breaking the curse of my words, and giving Jed to Father if He wanted to take him. My exact words were: “For he is far better off with You in Heaven than with me down here”–I walked past my little son, not recognizing him. They had him in Emergency, full of tubes. What went through my head was, “Why are they doing this, it is so unnecessary, he will be fine.” I was not worried at all, due to Father’s grace more than any conscious effort on my part. Jed was taken to CAT scan, intubated, scanned, and I heard the first talk of a skull fracture needing an operation.

“Whoa!” I thought, “This can’t be happening.” What lies the enemy weaves. The neuro doctor came over to talk to me about it. Jed had a depressed skull fracture with lots of little fragments of bone, about five centimetres in diameter.

“What will happen if you don’t operate?” I asked him.

It will get better by itself–provided the bleeding has stopped,” was his answer.

“Good,” I thought, “No operation for Jed.” The dent was in the back of his head. I had not even seen it or known it was there. He still has it today, undetectable behind his hair.

Well that doc did everything to try to talk me into the operation involving shaving Jed’s head, putting a plate into his skull after removing the bone fragments, and a ten-day stay in hospital. Another little boy was there in exactly the same condition. Fell off a wall. Christian parents. Half his head shaved. Plate in his skull. Ten-day stay.

“No!” That was that.

He was in Intensive Care by then, on a ventilator, paralysed by drugs. They weaned him off and extubated him. As a result of the head trauma, Jed bucked and threw himself about the bed. My friend Ross had come in when I called him. He lived in a bus on the street as we were doing at the time. I’d only known him a week. In answer to an unspoken prayer, Ross walked up the corridor just as I had a moment to leave Jed’s room. I asked him to pray with me for Jed. He said to say the prayer and he would ‘Amen’ it. I prayed for all the powers of darkness to be bound, and for my beautiful little boy to be restful and at peace. IMMEDIATELY Ross said “Amen”, Jed stopped bucking and went to sleep. It is a little known fact that a man’s prayers, especially if that man is righteous, are much more powerful than a woman’s. A man is not just stronger in muscle. Sometimes I feel sorry for men today. They have no idea what they are in YHWH. Read your Bibles, men. You have all the authority of our Almighty Father. Yahshua said we would do greater miracles than He did.

We were provided with a room at the hospital. I got up to see Jed at around 2 am. He had just woken up, was orientated and alert. He went back to sleep, was moved to a ward next morning, had a repeat CAT scan showing no more bleeding, and was out of hospital next day.

I quickly weaned him off the anticonvulsants they had put him on. I think he had about one Panadol for a headache(!) Starting three months later, he played a full season of football using headgear, with permission from the outpatient doctor. Jed is now a jackaroo, with no Medicare Card. He is a Christian. He prays a lot. He often has accidents, but has never once been hurt enough to require medical care. He says the bulls and steers seldom charge him as they do the others with whom he works. He loves chasing down wild pigs on his motorbike before jumping on them, and putting them out of their miserable feral existence using a huge Winchester knife he keeps strapped to his belt.

There was only one other time Jed’s been sick since his head injury. He had a glandular fever-type illness for a few weeks several years ago. Being a nurse I knew there was nothing to be done for a virus. Or for a trial from Above. We just prayed and waited it out. He recovered after a nice holiday in bed.

After we returned from our round-Australia trip, Father directed me to relinquish my RACQ (vehicle breakdown service) membership, as He intended to look after my car (remember the boxes of vouchers). Because I’d had it for so long and it was a present from my mother, I was reluctant to part with it. At times like this it is helpful to remember Who it is asking us to do these things. One should, rather, be reluctant to say no to the Almighty.

Gabriel broke his arm being naughty on his bicycle. I knew this was because I was disobedient in the matter of the RACQ card. It was immediately disposed of. I prayed for Gabriel’s arm and splinted it but, despite the absence of serious pain, it was still obviously out of alignment next morning. I checked the Medicare details and found that card expired ONE MONTH LATER. This was three or four years after Jed’s Sydney sojourn in hospital.

My youngest son was taken off to hospital and found to have a peculiar type of fracture necessitating manipulation under anaesthetic, at a different hospital. Away we went, spending all day waiting for doctors until Gabriel was so overwhelmed he started to cry. He had never needed to see a doctor or take medicine before. He was about ten at the time.

They took him into surgery, successfully, and he was out in a full plaster that night. Following three weeks of outpatient visits, the doc was going to replace the big plaster with a smaller one the next week. I asked him to put on a half cast that I could remove myself as I was not going to renew my Medicare Card. The doc took this surprisingly well, and said, “Okay.” Next week, just before the card expired, on Gabriel’s final visit–according to Mum!–he had a different doctor, so I asked this one the same thing. He looked at the x-ray before remarking, “This arm is completely healed. He doesn’t need another plaster. Go to the plaster room and have it taken off.” The plaster was supposed to be on for six weeks.

I found when we had no Medicare ‘cover’, we had fewer accidents and illnesses, with none of them needing medical care. The card actually seemed like a magnet for them because it indicates a lack of trust in an omnipotent Father, the consummate Saviour from EVERYTHING. The same goes for insurance, which I have not had since I was pregnant with Jed, nineteen years ago. No, not car insurance, household insurance, or any insurance. People ring trying to sell me insurance, and I say, “I don’t need insurance – I’ve got God!”

Immediately after Jed’s ‘glandular fever’, Gabriel also suffered a health problem which has so far proved to be his last. Sores developed on his neck and ankle which broke down and got bigger and bigger. I prayed over him, anointed the sores, tried lots of remedies, and rang a Christian doctor who called me stupid for not having a Medicare Card but refused to help.

It was winter at the time, cold and overcast, but when a tepid sun finally came out I told Gabes to put his ankle in it while he did his school work. The sore on his neck had healed already. Amazingly the raw wound on his ankle, about six centimetres (two inches) in diameter, repaired itself almost overnight. Like penicillin did to my grandfather’s wounded finger in WWII, according to his reports.

My response to this was, “Well, I don’t know why I was so worried about that, I’ll never again worry about illness.” In reality, why do we worry about anything when we know Father’s hand is upon us?

This is well illustrated in the final episode with Gabriel related to illness. He was on an army cadet camp. I received a call to say he had been taken to hospital. No other information.

“What?! I don’t want him there,” I exclaimed to the officer on the phone, “I’d rather pray for him and come collect him.”

The officer asked, “Will you pray for all of the boys then,” a group of cadets having been taken to hospital with severe vomiting. All night I neither heard nor could do anything but pray. Next morning a call came with the news all was well, they’d been sent back to camp. The camp finished early, but it turned out Gabriel had not even been sick! He hadn’t gone to hospital. He’d merely been in the First Aid tent among the other sick boys, for passing out on an excursion. It was a swelteringly hot summer. I always wondered if Father had arranged that just so those boys got prayed for.

The incident with my daughter was probably the best. Just prior to her becoming a prodigal. She was driving up the coast to see her boyfriend one afternoon in peak hour traffic, when she fell asleep at the wheel. Her car hit a light post, knocking it over, holding up traffic, and writing the car off. The accident was on the news. Not having a TV I didn’t learn of it until later. Ranyhyn got out of that car, red-faced but without a scratch. Her father purchased a new car for her. She had neither Medicare Card nor insurance.

Interestingly, the new car was drowned in the Brisbane floods while parked under her block of units. YHWH only knows why she did not move it to higher ground just metres away. Riverside residents had plenty of warning. She was a prodigal by then, living in the world. Her heavenly Father is still working on her heart. That time, I believe, she had insurance.

When we put our trust in YHWH in certain areas, He will look after that part of our life. Though we will be disciplined if we go outside His will, He will not transgress in those areas He is obligated to protect us. For example, if we put our health and safety into His hands by having no health insurance, He will never cause us to be so ill as to require medical care. Yet Father will test us in our resolve. It helps to remember: the spiritual realm, though we cannot see it, is more real than the physical one. When a person arrives in Heaven it is like for them waking from a bad dream.

It goes without it needing to be said, the more righteous we are according to YHWH’s Word, the greater will be our blessings and protection. Like some scientist has said: Everything (we do) has an equal and opposite reaction. Do something good and it will bounce back to you likewise. Commit an evil deed and upon your head will rain evil back. We reap what we sow!


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  1. Meralda says:

    Praise His Name! For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.

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