Thou Shalt Call Me, My Father

Some years ago while interstate I visited a city where beside the highway was a restaurant called The Manor House. The restaurant was painted white with black diagonal boards in the fashion of houses in Tudor England. By this YHWH confirmed to me a revelation previously given.

In the days of the feudal system, nobles employed serfs to work their land. The serfs were virtually slaves with few, if any, rights. They called the nobleman who lived in the manor, ‘Lord’ for they had no close relationship with him. But the beloved children of the lord, who also lived in that grand house, called the man ‘Father’. How well do you know Him? And what do you call Him? Is He your Father?

There are numerous references in the Old and New Testaments of YHWH’s people calling Him ‘Father’. From King David: “He shall cry unto Me, Thou art my Father, YHWH, and the rock of my salvation” (PSA. 89:26), to Yahshua Himself who did so for our example.

It cannot be stressed how important YHWH’s name is to Him or that we refer to Him appropriately. There is another Hebrew word which incorporates both YHWH and Yahshua which is the Hebrew form of ‘Joshua’ meaning YHWH saved’. This word is #3470 in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance: Yesha’yahuw (pronounced yesha-yahoo) and means YHWH is (my) salvation or Salvation is of YHWH. Yesha (#3467) means to be open wide or free, to be safe, to free or succour, avenging, defend, deliver, help, preserve, rescue, bring salvation, saviour, get victory–! Yahu is an abbreviated form of YHWH meaning O He! Using this name, qualified with ‘Messiah’ following, has for me stopped storms; healed; and saved me, mine, and others from untold undesirable situations.

In any emergency or time of need we, as sons and daughters of the Most High, can use His name to command the spiritual forces of darkness to heed and obey us. Simply calling on YHWH as Father will bring instant blessings. On one occasion I did not even require Father’s name. A vicious dog had escaped from a neighbouring property and went to attack my son. With no one in sight or earshot, I called,Help!” The dog immediately did an about-face and ran away! Father knows His own.

ACTS 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we may be saved.

Try using the Name above all names. It works!



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2 Responses to Thou Shalt Call Me, My Father

  1. donnajbenson says:

    You are so true. Jesus clearly wanted us to know that through God is beyond anything we can understand in our human minds, He is our Father. It’s too bad many have poor relationships with their earthly father so they have a hard time understand the great blessing it is for us to have God as our Father. This is a great site. I plan to visit often.

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