Which Accused Them Before YHWH Day and Night

In the High Court of Heaven, where the Great Throne Judgment will take place at the end of the millennial age, certain characters in the drama of life take their seats. There is of course the great high Judge, YHWH Almighty Father Himself. He judges justly and rightly. Then there is the Advocate of Christians, Yahshua Messiah, who has shown He defends His people to the death and beyond. Their accuser and that of mankind is Satan. He may be known as the prosecution and accuses the brethren before YHWH day and night (REV. 12:10). The witnesses are the Holy Spirit and holy angels, for the defence, and demons for the prosecution.

As with a worldly court, all witness statements are written down as evidence. These documents are called the books of life. Satan also accuses non-believers, but they have no advocate before the Judge. All crimes are judged according to the Law or Word of YHWH. The most heinous crimes result in the perpetrators being thrown alive into the lake of fire. They are beyond redemption by the blood of the Lamb. Up until the point in time we currently occupy, none so far as we know have been so judged, no crime being yet deserving of that terrifying result.

In the matter of the name of YHWH the Most High, Almighty, Creator, Father; and Yahshua Messiah, Saviour and King, Satan accuses us also day and night. He takes every opportunity, his pleasure being in causing suffering, pain, misery, and loss. What then is the result of using pagan titles–Elohim, Adonay, God, Lord, and Jesus, that is, names of Satan and his demons–for YHWH and Yahshua Messiah? There is no doubt it is a violation of YHWH’s commandment in DEUTERONOMY 30:17-19 not to worship other gods. YHWH’s people were forbidden to even mention the name of other gods or let their names be heard out of their mouth (EX. 23:13, JOSH. 23:7).

One may ask: Is ignorance or deception an excuse? And if a soul sin, and commit any of these things which are forbidden to be done by the commandments of YHWH; though he wist it not (does not know it), yet he is guilty, and shall bear his iniquity (LEV 5:17, see also IS. 27:11, II COR. 2:11). Just as with our laws of the land, a lack of knowledge is considered rejected knowledge (HOS. 4:6) in the Heavenly Court while that information is written down in an easily accessible place such as the Bible.

As well, therefore, as the curses that are brought upon those who disobey YHWH’s Laws, there is much more sinister aspect to the substitution of His holy name with one of Satan’s. Whenever YHWH is addressed with a satanically inspired name such as ‘Lord’, ‘God’, or ‘Adonay’, their prayer, praise, or petition is immediately claimed by Satan. He is before YHWH’s throne insisting the addresses are offered to him. He legally claims them. Satan is a thief, but in this case he does not find it necessary to steal. If a letter arrives in my mailbox with the correct address but someone else’s name on it I cannot legally open it. No, not even if I know or suspect it is mine. If the person so named turns up and demands the letter, I must hand it over. By legal restraint YHWH’s hands are tied in the same way regarding His name, or rather, Satan’s names.

These legal rights were originally given by the scribes and Bible translators, early church fathers and teachers who accepted satanic deception as truth. From that point on Satan had the legal right to distort the Scriptures. The legal right continues today with anyone who accepts these polluted names in our Bibles and uses them. And nor are these errors and deceptions limited to our Bibles, but exist in other literature and throughout the Church.

The answer to the question of what is the result of using pagan titles in prayer, praise, and speech is that Satan will then answer the prayers, work negatively in the people’s lives, and claim any worship for himself. Yes, Satan can heal, deliver, ‘bless’, lead, prophesy, teach, and give sermons through the mouths or hands of Christians. How many Christians, churches, books, Bible colleges, ministries and other establishments are in fact parroting the words and teachings of the Lord–Satan? Don’t think he won’t quote the Bible; after reading it for over 6000 years, he knows it better than us. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light (II COR. 11:14).

Once Satan gets his foot in the proverbial door, and deceives YHWH’s people a tiny bit he then increases that error until, like the ancient Israelites, we are thoroughly deceived. Substituting YHWH and Yahshua’s name is the ‘tiny bit’ he has been using for millennia to blind the Church and mute the truth of the Word and Laws of the Most High. The deceptions are many and varied. There is not only the falsification of YHWH and Yahshua’s name but many other names of Bible characters. Prophets, priests, kings, places, disciples, apostles, Israelites, and patriarchs all have names which originally contained some form of YHWH’s glorious name, but have been rendered sterile and meaningless by the pens of the ‘lying scribes’.

The prophet who was inspired to write about the forgetting of YHWH’s name (JER: 23:25-27), for example, had his name changed from Yeremyah meaning, May YHWH lift up, to Jeremiah with no trace of the holy name. Today we can read from one end to the other of the Scriptures and find not one trace of our Heavenly Father’s true name. It has been substituted, suppressed, hidden, or simply deleted. And it is not only names that have suffered. There are literally thousands of other errors in our modern Bibles: words or phrases left untranslated, changes made to hide meanings, words deleted from the original text, words or footnotes added as if they were part of the text, and the deliberate mistranslation of some Scriptures to incorporate the deceitful teachings of religious denominations.

This being so, from here on in I will use the proper names given in the original manuscripts for those and that in the Scriptures, unless a name does not contain YHWH’s or is too different from the original to be understood. These Hebrew names are in our concordances.

Stay with me and, as I said at the beginning, go ahead to commence unlearning the lies and re-learning the truth.

I personally believe the Father of all truth does give us a measure of grace in the area of deceptions, including that of His name, for a while. But all grace has by necessity a use-by date or it becomes licence. A certain number of our prayers and praise would be answered and accepted by Him. If therefore you are reading this and have conviction of heart for misusing YHWH’s name, confess and repent by addressing Him correctly in the future. It will take some time to become familiar and comfortable with His proper names and titles. If you do refer to YHWH as ‘Lord’, at least clarify which Lord you mean, for instance, Lord Yahshua. Don’t you think though that King Yahshua is much more appropriate?


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