My People Shall Know My Name

Recently I read a book by a Messianic rabbi. This writer, previously a Jew who has become a Christian, used the name Adonai in place of YHWH. Knowing what I know about this word, I was interested to find out why he made this substitution. Wouldn’t you think the Jews of all people would know Father’s true name and use it? So I sent the rabbi off an email. In it I pointed out the following. I hope he does not mind, or think that I am a know-it-all. For the more I learn, the more I realize I know so little of the truth and YHWH Himself, and understand Him and His ways even less.

We left off the last discussion with the two kingdoms of Judah and Israel split into north and south. Israel was well into apostasy with a flagrant disregard for YHWH and His Laws with the inevitable result that they began worshiping the gods of Canaan. These they had been forbidden by the Most High to inquire after or mention by name. Yet to make matters worse they were substituting the names of these demon gods with YHWH’s holy name and believing them to be those of the great I AM.

The two kingdoms eventually became allies through marriage. At this point the king of Israel asks King Yehosephat of Judah to go to war with him against the Arameans. Yehosephat agrees but desires first to seek counsel from YHWH. King Ahab of Israel, who, interestingly, the entire chapter fails to call by name until he is dead, gathers his 400 or so prophets together, and asks them: ‘Shall I go against Ramoth-gilead to battle, or shall I forbear?’ The prophets answer: ‘Go up; for the Lord (Adonay in Hebrew) shall deliver it into the hand of the king.’ Talk about telling a person what they want to hear! You may be amazed at what is actually going on here.

Despite all this, Yehosephat asks: ‘Is there not here a prophet of YHWH besides, that we might enquire of Him?’ Did Yehosephat know something the 400 prophets did not? To the displeasure of King Ahab, Micayah is brought hither hastily.

In most Bibles both ‘Lord’ and ‘YHWH’ are translated ‘Lord’, but a study of both words shows us that the ‘Lord’ of the prophets of the northern kingdom is Adonay, and the ‘Lord’ of the prophet Micaiah sent for at Yehosephat’s request is Jehovah, an English rendition of YHWH. Adonay was the Hebrew word written by the ‘lying scribes’ in the ancient Elohist texts of the Hebrew Bible instead of YHWH, and the word we today read as ‘Lord’ in the English versions. This word for Lord was the one in common usage by 300 years before our Messiah was born.

The Century Bible follows the trail of suppression of YHWH’s name. In it we are told that after the return from Babylon but before the Christian Era, the Jews came to believe the holy name of YHWH was too sacred to be uttered. YHWH was, they decided, only to be pronounced by the high priest on the Day of Atonement. At all other times, ‘Adonay’ (Lord) was subsituted. This Hebrew Adonay became Kurios in the Septuagint or Greek versions, Dominus in the Vulgate or Latin versions, and of course Lord in the English versions. This brings us to the form of the holy name established in English: Jehovah. This form came about when the Jews placed the vowel points of Elohiym and Adonay into YHWH, when vowels came to be added, with the resultant YaHoWaH and YeHoWiH.  Ancient Hebrew had no vowel points, hence why YHWH is just four consonants and known as the Tetragrammaton. Finally, at the Reformation, due to ignorance of history, Yehowah easily was misread and mispronounced as Jehovah, which in no way represents the holy name.

According to The Book of Yahweh Preface, the Masorite, who supplied the Hebrew consonantal text with vowel points in the Middle Ages, substituted the Tetragrammaton with ‘Adonay’ and ‘Elohim’. These then easily both became ‘Lord’ in our English Bibles. Likewise, His wondrous Hebrew name Yahshua, meaning YHWH saved, has been substituted with Yeshua, Iesous, Iesus, Jesus, and Ea-Zeus, the latter meaning healing Zeus. Zeus being no less the sky god of ancient Greece, is also known as Deus in Latin, Dio in Italian, Dios in Spanish and Zeus Soter – Zeus the Saviour.

The substitution of YHWH and Yahshua with these names of gods and demons is unbelievably horrifying, turning the worship of YHWH into paganism. Is there any solid reason or excuse to continue doing so? And there is a much more sinister aspect to this than is immediately apparent. For that we will have to visit the High Court of Heaven.


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